Branding creates an ongoing relationship between the company and its customers giving you the edge over your competitors. Creating a brand is essential if you want consumer to recognize your business and create a lasting impression. Logo design is a backbone of branding and all marketing materials. As specialists in Graphic Design in Vancouver we sure know how to achieve that lasting impression. Our portfolio consists of over 15 years of experience creating marketing campaigns for Kraft, Safeway, Calgary Stampede and Original Joe’s.

The importance of a brand

It will improve recognition – one of the most critical parts of company’s brand is a logo. Everyone knows McDonald’s logo, and you want to achieve that. With the help of our company, you can develop your name in the market, which will be memorable, but also powerful to attract a more significant number of clients.

It creates trust – companies who have a memorable brand and logo will gain more confidence from their clients. This means you are reputable in the market and people trust your services, which is the essential part of this process. It will increase your credibility and help you develop your services worldwide.

It will build a financial value – considering that we are in this business for the last 15 years, we know the importance of brand. Once people start recognizing your services and products, it will increase the annual revenue and also your profit. A strong and reliable name guarantees a high – quality service.

compAt ACreative any marketing project begins with analyzing the client’s business and it’s needs. After the evaluation we submit the graphic design to you, you review and provide us with feedback, then pick a winning design.

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