Content writing

As a successful Vancouver SEO company ACreative recognizes the importance of quality content for website’s search engine optimization. Otherwise why do you need a website if you do not have content that is indexed well by search engines?! Today search engines like Google rank websites mainly based on the quality of its content. In other words, unique and useful content is an essential part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In other words, it effects whether your clients will find you. SEO has an ability to turn a random visitor into a regular reader and follower which is an ultimate goal for any website.

Most of our Vancouver web design clients do not have time to write the content as they are busy operating their business. Let ACreative do the “dirty job” for you. Our content is:

Written in professional and grammatically correct English

Optimised for customer-specific keywords

Written specifically for search engines with certain requirements in mind: keyword density,h tags, title, meta description

Extracted essential points from customer marketing materials

Researched, proofread, and then forwarded to the client for approval

How can content improve your website?

Write about relevant topics

When you hire our IT company, you will tell us which topics are essential for your business. It is necessary to provide relevant information, and this is the main reason why people will read your posts, and at the same time, you will achieve more significant traffic.

Do the research

researchIn this case, our team of experts will perform analysis, but if you are writing content on your own, then you need to spend some time building and developing the topics. You need to explore the strengths of your company and present it in articles because your goal is to provide high – quality articles and boost the traffic.

Implement marketing strategy

Nowadays, you can writhe the best content in the market, but it won’t have any use if no one can see it. In this case, our IT company involves multiple marketing strategies, such as SEO and keywords, to increase visibility and productivity of your site.

Track your progress

We are one of the rare IT business in this industry, which tracks the progress or our clients. When you are posting articles online, we need to see the response of the audience, which is crucial in this process. It provides us insight and helps us develop even greater techniques.