Finding the Best Eating Spots in Vancouver BC

January 2, 2018

Quality, value, diversity, and innovate technique define dining in Vancouver, BC. As a sought-after culinary destination for both natives and visitors, this thriving international city is a boon to foodies everywhere, at every budget. From its exciting street food scene to its famous water-front seafood, Vancouver’s dazzling variety is hard to beat.

Fun fact: Vancouverites dine out more than citizens of any other city in North America, that means that establishments hew to a very high standard. Native or foreigner, visitors to Vancouver are in for a treat!

Beyond Yelp
Yelp is an excellent platform to receive informal critiques about eateries in your area. However, if you want more, from professionals who can expound upon not just the menu, but the ingredients and even history of a dish; you’ll want to search beyond the opinions of random strangers, though such referrals obviously have their place. To start you on your way, we’ve compiled three sites ranked on a scale from 1 to 5, 5 being the best that will help you find that perfect dining experience.

Now to the Sites…

Tourism Vancouver ( if you’re visiting the city and need a quick bite or a romantic place to dine this site is a fantastic first stop. You can not only get an idea of where to spend your food dollar, but you can learn something about the surrounding neighborhood as well.

Impactful, straight-to-the-point nav bar lets you know the site’s exact purpose

Click on the Restaurant menu; you’re confronted with a large ad for a featured eatery and a menu button to make a reservation. This intrusive ad is slightly off-putting, but if you scroll bellow, you have access to the dining guides page. Here you can search places based on whether they serve Oysters, have a view, or use super fresh ingredients. You can also search for wineries and breweries.

Overall rating 3.37 out of 5

The Breakdown:

Site navigation 3.5
Overall design 2.5
Agent Support 2.5
Search Function 3 ( is a nicely designed site that offers visitors the option to sift through its specially curated lists of top restaurants, cafes, pubs, and bars in the Vancouver Metro area based on trends. Whether you have a specific restaurant in mind or just a type of cuisine, there’s a search option for you. The quick search breaks down by type of meal (breakfast, lunch, take out, etc.)

Lots of easy to access food choices and information, plus a mobile app earns Zomato a high score.

You can also search by neighborhood. Taking it further, you can access the top food reviewers, photographers, and bloggers writing about all things food in Vancouver. Zomato provides so many easy to access choices, compared to other sites, and providing visitors with a mobile option is highly commendable and smart business.

Overall rating 3.50 out of 5

The Breakdown:

Site navigation 4
Overall design 4
Agent Support 2
Search Function 4

Travel and Leisure

Travel and Leisure is the third site on our list (, and it’s a beautiful site that reads like the blurbs you might find in the print version of its namesake. Here you are presented with an A-Z listing of restaurants in Vancouver; they are not broken out by cuisine-type, meal type or affordability.

Great all-around site but weak on helping you make food decisions

If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide and you have the time and inclination, the restaurant section of Travel and Leisure makes an excellent read. Even if finding food that day isn’t the focus of your visit, another site would serve you better. The design and interface on this site are quite appealing, but it’s not the best portal for helping you choose a meal in an unfamiliar city.
Overall rating 2.75 out of 5
The Breakdown:

Site navigation 3.5
Overall design 3.5
Agent Support 2
Search Function 2

A chill ambiance, prompt and friendly customer service, and of course delicious food are top of mind for anyone seeking a place to eat. We hope this brief review gave you some idea of what’s out there and the best ways to access user-friendly sites in search of foods that suit your tastes. Happy searching and Bon Appetit!